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Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Advanced Life Support (ALS) involves life saving techniques performed by State of Oregon certified paramedics, who also are qualified to administer many different medications to help relieve pain, change irregular heart rhythms, or stop seizures to name a few.

HFES paramedics are trained in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support and pre- hospital trauma life support. Paramedics are capable of administering life saving drugs and perform procedures during emergencies such as heart attacks, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, seizures and other medical emergencies.

AIRWAY/BREATHING: HFES medics are trained to assist a victim having difficulty or not breathing by giving breathing treatment medications, performing intubation (placing a breathing tube in a patients airway) to ventilate, treating breathing difficulty from a collapsed lung, or performing procedures for a blocked airway.

CARDIAC: HFES medic units are equipped with 12-lead heart monitors that transmit directly to an emergency physician at Good Shepherd Medical Center. During a heart attack, time is very critical as heart muscle begins to die from lack of blood. HFES Paramedics can use the 12- lead heart monitor to take a “picture” of the heart to see where the attack is occurring and send that picture to the Emergency Department physician. The American Heart Association states that field transmission of 12- lead EKGs can reduce the time it takes the E.D. physician to give life saving heart medication up to 45 minutes! “Time Is Muscle”

CIRCULATION: HFES medics are trained to start IVs to give a victim IV fluids during blood loss from trauma, to draw a blood sample for the Good Shepherd Medical Center Lab, or to give medications through.

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