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Ambulance Rates

Advanced Life Support (Skills that an EMT Basic can not perform) $850 + $10.00/mile

Basic Life Support  $650 + $10.00/mile

Using an ambulance is a very expensive medical procedure. Members of a household can help protect themselves from a high ambulance bill when they need emergency medical transport. The FireMed program will protect an individual from having any out of pocket expense if they or a member of their household needs an emergency ambulance. Under the FireMed program, we will bill your insurance. We accept what the insurance pays as payment in full; therefore you will never get a bill for an emergency ambulance call. If you have no insurance, FireMed will cover your ambulance service from HFES because your $45 annual membership covers you in full.

FireMed does not cover the cost of non-emergency transports such as trips from the hospital to a nursing home unless it is authorized by a physician and medically necessary. In most cases, this is not a problem as ambulance transports are routinely ordered by physicians.

If you or someone else calls 911 for EMS services and the medics believe, under Medicare guidelines, that Medicare likely will not pay the ambulance bill, we will inform you at that time so you can make an informed decision about accepting transport (FireMed members excluded as they are covered).

The FireMed program covers all persons who reside in a single household and includes coverage if a family member must live in a nursing home or a foster care home. FireMed can be purchased anytime during the year either by coming in to our Main station, mail, or online here!

Ambulance Billing

Ambulance billing is overseen by our billing specialist, Reta Larson. She manages and sends patient care reports to Springfield Fire & life Safety, a contracted billing service, for insurance claim submission. 
For further information or questions, call (541) 567-8822.

Please realize that most private insurance companies and Medicare will not pay 100% of the ambulance bill. Using the rates above, please contact your private insurance company or Medicare to see how much they will pay on an ambulance transport. If a large balance will be left, the FireMed program may be worth purchasing before the transport for the members of your household.

contact: rijones@hermiston.or.us