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Physician Advisor

All medical care provided by Hermiston Fire & Emergency Services is done under the license and supervision of Dr. Bradley Adams. Dr. Adams is a respected Orthopedic Surgeon in Umatilla County and a former EMT-Paramedic from Kansas City. He has many years of EMS experience as well as the great knowledge of an MD to assist and direct HFES treatment protocols for HFES.

Our physician advisor also provides education to HFES medics and each month reads about 50-60 pre-hospital care reports as he prepares to meet with the crews. Dr. Adams then meets with HFES medics to review calls and cases for education and QA assurance.

All case reviews are confidential by law and such information can only be shared with direct health care providers, through education, or with the patient’s expressed permission. HFES strictly adheres to all confidentiality laws.


contact: rijones@hermiston.or.us