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Fire Suppresion / Rescue

Hermiston Fire and Emergency Services operates three fire stations within its 150 square mile fire district. The department has 3 shifts (1 shift per day) that work 24 hours with 6 career firefighters per shift. The force also consists of 25 volunteer firefighters. HFES crews provide various services and perform multiple functions. Some of these are: Fire safety inspections; Vehicle maintenance; Fire suppression including wild land, urban interface, residential and commercial firefighting; EMS; Specialized rescue services; Hazardous materials incident response as the State of Oregon regional response team #10; Non-emergency inter-facility transports, Public education and Fire station tours. Hermiston Fire & Emergency Services responds to over 2,400 medical calls and 400 fire calls per year.

HFES Staffing:

  • Fire Chief
  • Asst. Chief
  • Billing/Office specialist
  • Fire Marshal
    • Public education specialist
  • 3 Captains/shift commanders
  • 3 Lieutenants*
  • 12 firefighter/paramedics*
  • 25 volunteer firefighters

*Members of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) union local 2752

contact: rijones@hermiston.or.us