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Tours & Onsite Engine / Medic Requests

Please follow these steps and guidelines to planning and scheduling your group's on site engine/medic unit visit or station tour with your local Firefighters.

Call and ask for the Captain. He/she will schedule a date and time that will work best for both parties. Keep in mind that tours and visits are normally scheduled Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, but exceptions can be made during the scheduling process.

Please be aware: We respond to emergencies at a moments notice, if we are not in the Station when you arrive or show up to your facility, please contact us to reschedule. Also, we may need to respond to an emergency in the middle of a tour.

Provide the following information to the Captain when scheduling your event:

  • Group Name
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Location of Tour , whether it is at a station or not
  • Date: have a couple days in mind to make scheduling flexible
  • Time:  tours are typically scheduled between 8 AM and  5 PM and last approximately 1 hour
  • Number of participants
  • Ages/Grades of participants

In Station Tours

  • Children shall always be accompanied by an adult(s).
  • If the crew leaves on a call or is unable to keep appointment for any other reason the captain will make all reasonable attempts to make contact as to the crew's departure.  The tour will be rescheduled as needed.
  • Drop in tours are welcome, please understand that if the crew is involved with training, out of station, or on a call they may not be able to conduct the tour.
  • Please limit tour group sizes to 40 people (including adults).  If you have more than that please schedule multiple tour times and split the group up accordingly.

Onsite Engine/Medic Unit Visit

  • Provide a clear area for our apparatus to park.  This area will need to have good access and exiting as to allow them to leave quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • Children can look through the fire engine or medic unit and see what kinds of gear and equipment the fire fighter paramedics use.  The fire fighters can answer any questions the children and adults may have about fire safety and prevention and EMS.

Fire Station Local Tour Location

320 S. First St.
Hermiston, Or. 97838

Guidelines and Rules to Follow While at The Hermiston Fire & Emergency Services Tour

  • Groups of less than 10 children need a minimum of 1 adult accompanying the group during tours and fire truck visits. Groups larger than 10 shall have a minimum of 2 adults at all times.
  • Transportation to and from the station shall be arranged and operated by the group.  The Fire Department is unable to transport children to and from tours.
  • Remember the stations are the fire fighters homes for 24 hours at a time and respect needs to be given to their home.  Be sure to keep noise levels down and hands off items not being shown by fire fighters.
  • Be prompt.  The fire fighters may have scheduled training or meetings to attend, so be conscious of those obligations.  The crew will do their best to be prompt.
  • Groups involved in tours at stations shall stick together.  No wandering off on their own.  This will ensure the safety of all involved in tour.
  • Please leave food, drink, and gum outside of the buildings.  This will keep the stations and engines as clean as possible.
  • Have a good time and ask as many questions as you want.
contact: rijones@hermiston.or.us